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Christian Health Asset Mapping Consortium (CHAMC)

An association of organizations addressing the urgent need for quality data and information on the Christian health asset landscape around the globe.

Christian organizations provide a substantial share of health services in health facilities, community-based programs, and churches. They reflect the health ministry of the global church.

Faith actors “reach the last mile” – remote villages, urban slums, or any community that lacks access – providing a substantial amount of facility- and community-based health services and training health workers. ​They donate and deploy health workers, medicines, and commodities to underserved areas and during emergencies. 

Partners and donors need timely data on these services’ scope, location, and nature and basic information about connecting with local and global Christian health organizations for partnerships, especially when faced with health emergencies.

A lack of data about these facilities, community programs, training institutions, and drug distribution networks leads to an undercounting of Christian health assets and exclusion from planning, partnerships, and research.

How CHAMC Fills the Gap

CHAMC Maintains a “Registry” or Database of Databases

Rather than collect and warehouse all global data, CHAMC maintains a list of databases on faith-based health: who has what data, and how stakeholders can access it. This registry includes information about the types of entities, ownership of data, updates, and data accessibility. When possible, CHAMC will publish summaries of the data.

CHAMC Shares Analyses to Help Decision Makers

CHAMC reports are used by funders, partners, policymakers, and others who seek information by sharing data updates about Christian health services.

CHAMC Improves Representation Through Quality Data on Christian Health Services

CHAMC identifies and shares resources with its network to improve data quality, fostering a learning community focused on improving data access and utilization. CHAMC monitors the evolution of technology, standard datasets (e.g., DHIS2), and/or data streams from ministries of health, WHO, and others and identifies ways to improve their reflection of faith actors and, in turn, work to improve quality data from local actors.

You Can Join the Work of CHAMC

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