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Review and Analysis of Faith-Based Community Health Programs

March 2024
CHAMC completed a review and analysis of faith-based CHPs to highlight their critical role in delivering healthcare to underserved communities and the importance of community health workers who support them. A representative sample of 168 FBOs was researched and contacted, and 30 of the FBOs were found to operate a total of 208 CHPs in 26+ countries. CHPs were classified using two frameworks, dividing them into eleven focus areas and five methods of intervention. The brief calls attention to the lack of information available about where and how faith-based CHPs work, as well as their impact on the health system.


Enhancing Our Understanding of the Faith-based Healthcare Landscape: A Call to Action

October 2023
This article by Samone Franzese of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and CCIH’s Carolyn O’Brien and Doug Fountain was published in the Christian Journal for Global Health. It shares CHAMC’s work to fill the current information gap on the scope and scale of faith-based health services in low- and middle-income countries.

Thinking Globally – Mapping Christian Health Assets to Support Global Health Response

July 2023
This article appeared in Health Progress, a publication of the Catholic Health Association of the US. The article, written by Carolyn O’Brien, CCIH Program Advisor, and Dr. Samone Franzese, a family medicine physician with the U.S. Army and Johns Hopkins Master of Public Health candidate, outlines the consortium’s unique position in emphasizing the importance of the quality, reporting, and sharing of all types of health assets in the Christian health landscape, not only those services provided in facilities and hospitals.

How Strengthening Data on Faith-Owned Health Facilities Supports Health Systems

June 2023
This brief reviews the 2019 World Health Organization’s Sub-Saharan Africa Health Facilities Database, compares the results with externally verifiable data and highlights the importance of strengthening partnerships, inclusion, and recognition of faith-owned health facilities alongside public health facilities in national health registries.


Sub-Saharan Africa Data Summary

May 2023
This data brief, released in May 2023, highlights 22 Christian Health Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa, including more than 8,000 Christian health assets in 17 countries. The Christian Health Asset Mapping Consortium prioritizes sharing updated summary data like this to improve the scope and quality of data on faith-based health systems flowing into global databases.


CHAMC Launch Event

January 2022
Watch the original launch event from January 2022, with USAID’s Amanda Vignaud as a guest speaker.


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